Spatial Data Infrastructure Links


Other Global Initiatives

Link Name
Consortium for Spatial Information
Consultative Group on International Agriculture (CGIAR)
Digital Earth
Earth Explorer
Geographic Information Systems in Sustainable Development
Global Disaster Information Network (GDIN)
Global Land Cover Facility
Global Map
Global Resource Information Database (GRID)
Global Water Information Network (GLOBWINET)
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
International Geosphere - Biosphere Program (IGBP)
International Organization for Standardization of Geographic information/Geomatics ISO/TC 211
Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
United Nations Geographic Information Working Group (UNGIWG)
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
United Nations System-Wide Earthwatch
World Bank Development Gateway


Regional SDI

Link Name County/Region/State
African Regional Water Resources Information System (AWICH) Africa
Antarctic Spatial Data Infrastructure Antarctica
ANZLIC - The Spatial Information Council Australia/New Zealand
Arctic GIS Arctic
Caribbean GIS Caribbean
Caribbean Regional Co-ordinating Unit-Spatial Data Clearinghouse, UNEP Caribbean
Central American Geographic Information Project (PROCIG) Central America
Digital Map of The Baltic Sea Region Baltic Sea Region
Digital National Framework (DNF) United Kingdom
Environmental Information Systems- Africa (EIS Africa) Africa
Europe’s National Mapping Agencies (EuroGeoGraphics) Europe
European Soil Portal Europe
European Territorial Management Information Infrastructure Europe
European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information (EUROGI) Europe
Geo Information, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Information Services Africa
Geographic Information for Sustainable Development in Africa Africa
Geographic Information Network in Europe (GINIE) Europe
ICIMOD's Approach Towards A Regional Geo-Information Infrastructure (RGII) In The Hindu-Kush Himalayan (HKH) Region
Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) Europe
Permanent Committee on GIS Infrastructure for Asia & The Pacific (PCGIAP) Asia and Pacific
Permanent Committee on SDI for The Americas (PC IDEA) The Americas
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Africa


National SDI

Link Name Country/Region/State
Am/Fm Geographic Information System Italy
Australian Government Spatial Data Australia
Australian Spatial Data Directory Australia
Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) Canada
Clearinghouse de El Salvador Salvador
Clearinghouse de Nicaragua Nicaragua
Clearinghouse Nacional de Datos Geográficos Uruguay
Conseil National de l'Information Géographique France
Czech Association for Geoinformation (CAGI) Czech Republic
FCC Zemlya Russia
Geoforum Norway
Geoforum Denmark
Geographic Information Strategy for Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
German Umbrella Organization for Geoinformation German
GI Gateway United Kingdom
GI Portal Slovenia Republic
GIS Task Force Kingdom of Cambodia
Hungarian Association for Geo-Information Hungary
IDEE for Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales de España Spain
Infraestructura Colombiana de Datos Espaciales –ICDE Colombia
Infraestructura Nacional de Datos Espaciales (INDE) Chile
Irish Organisation for Geographic Information –IRLOGI Ireland
Malaysia Geospatial Data Infrastucture (MyGDI) Malaysia
National Coordination Agency for Surveys and Mapping Indonesia
National Fundamental Geographic Information System of China China
National Geographic Information Finland
National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) India
National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) United States
National Spatial Data Infrastructure Promoting Association Japan
National Spatial Information Framework South Africa
Organisation of Geographical Information for All In Iceland –LISA Iceland
Organisation Suisse Pour l'Information Geographique Switzerland
Philippines’ National Geographic Information Infrastructure (NGII) Philippines
RAVI The Netherlands
Sistema Nacional De Informação Geográfica (SNIG) Portugal
Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Cuban Republic -IDERC Cuba
Spatial Data Infrastructures in S.E.Europe Italy



Link Name Country/Region/State
Australia - Northern Territory Land Information System (NTLIS) Northern Australia
Australia - Queensland Spatial Information Infrastructure Strategy (QSIIS) Queensland Australia
Australia - Vicmap Victoria Australia
Australia - Western Australian Land Information System (WALIS) Western Australia
Spain - SDI of Andalucía (IDEAndalucía) Andalucía Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Aragon (SITAR) Aragon Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Canarias (IDECanarias) Canarias Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Castilla-La mAncha (IDEclm) Castilla-La Mancha Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Castilla y León (IDECyL) Castilla y León Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Cataluña (IDEC)  Cataluña Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Navarra (IDENA) Navarra Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Valencia (IDECV) Valencia Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Extremadura (IDEextremadura) Extremadura Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Baleares (IDEIB) Baleares Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Galicia (SITGA) Galicia Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of La Rioja (IDErioja) La Rioja Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of País Vasco (GeoEuskadi) País Vasco Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Asturias (SitpaIdeas) Asturias Region, Spain
Spain - SDI of Murcia (Cartomur) Murcia Region, Spain
Tasmania - Land Information System Tasmania (The LIST): Tasmania
USA - Alabama
USA - Alaska  
USA - Arkansas  
USA - California  
USA - Colorado  
USA - Connecticut  
USA - Delaware  
USA - Georgia  
USA - Idaho  
USA - Illinois  
USA - Indiana  
USA - Iowa  
USA - Kansas
USA - Kentucky  
USA - Louisiana  
USA - Maine  
USA - Maryland  
USA - Michigan  
USA - Minnesota  
USA - Missouri  
USA - Montana  
USA - Nebraska  
USA - Nevada  
USA - New Hampshire  
USA - New Jersey  
USA - New Mexico  
USA - New York  
USA - North Carolina  
USA - North Dakota  
USA - Ohio  
USA - Oklahoma  
USA - Oregon  
USA - Pennsylvania  
USA - Rhode Island  
USA - South Carolina  
USA - South Dakota  
USA - Texas  
USA - Utah  
USA - Vermont  
USA - Virginia  
USA - Washington  
USA - Washington D.C.  
USA - West Virginia  
USA - Wisconsin  
USA - Wyoming
USA - Coastal NSDI Charleston, SC, USA
USA - Yellowstone National Spatial Data Infrastructure Initiative Yellowstone, USA


Other Links

Link Name Country/Region/State
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vermessungsverwaltungen der Lander der Bundesrepublik Deutchland ( ADV) Germany
Centre Royale de Teledetection Spatiale Morocco
Community Access To Natural Resource Information (CANRI) NSW
Geoscience Australia Australia
GI - Gateway / Data Locator United Kingdom
Lantmateriet Sweden
NCGI Netherlands
Sistema de apoyo para decisión basado en SIG para planificación de transportes y gerenciamiento de infraestructura Bolivia
Sistema de apoyo para la planificación de transporte regional y gerenciamiento de proyectos de infraestructura mediante un SIG Chile
Swiss Organization for Geo-Information Switzerland