There are two submission deadlines for poster abstracts depending on your circumstances:

(1) Some individuals may be offered the opportunity to present a poster and/or a lightning round presentation rather than a regular session talk. Authors may explicitly opt for this choice as well. Submission Deadline: 15 November 2011 (as part of the general Call for Papers)
(2) University students in particular are invited to respond to a special call for poster abstracts. Submission Deadline: 1 February 2012. These abstracts should be sent to

Your poster should be delivered as a single PowerPoint slide in accordance with the instructions below to allow it to be archived online with the other conference materials. You should bring a paper print of your poster in the size indicated. Your poster will be on display along with all the others at the Tuesday afternoon Poster Forum and Lightning Round Session.

Preparing Your Poster:
The poster must be in the form of a single digital PowerPoint slide (.ppt format only, NOT .pptx and NOT .pdf). To prepare your poster, please use the provided template which is set by default at 1 meter by 1 meter. However, make all text and graphics of a size that will be clear and legible even if the poster is printed on a much smaller sheet of paper.

The poster file name must be: <your last name>poster<conference registration number*>.ppt An example is smithposter120104.ppt. The file may not exceed 50 MB in size. It should be uploaded to on or before May 7 but we will also accept new or revised files up to, through and immediately after the conference.

Achiving of Posters:
All final conference posters will eventually be posted online in the conference proceedings archive and linked at that web location.

Lightning Round Talks

A fast-paced series of lightning talks will be offered just off of and during the Poster Forum. The talks are limited to five minutes each. Following are instructions for speakers accepted for the Lightning Round.

Uploading of Lightning Round Powerpoint Slides (due May 1)
Please upload a set of PowerPoint slides (.ppt format only, NOT .pptx and NOT .pdf) appropriate for a five minute presentation. The title of the oral presentation slide set file must be: <your last name>lightningtalk<conference registration number*>.ppt. An example is joneslightningtalk120104.ppt. The file may not exceed 50 MB in size. The file must be uploaded to on or before May 1, 2012 to be included in the Lightning Round Oral Presentation session.

* Footnote: Your registration number may be found in your registration confirmation email.