GSDI Association Capacity Building and Educational Resources

The GSDI Association provides several different types of educational resources focused on SDI development and implementation and related geomatics technology. These include:

  • Books about SDI from GSDI Association Press (all open access)
  • GSDI World Conference Proceedings (all online and open access)
  • SDI Cookbooks - global and regional (and multilingual) (open access)
  • The GSDI Spatial Documents Depot - books, articles, papers and reports relevant to SDI
  • Webinars (free access - list is continually updated)
  • Videos (free access)
  • SDI and Geoportals links (regularly updated)
  • Training Opportunities - 'hands on' workshops and seminars offered by GSDI Members

Please let us know of any resources you can offer that we can add to these educational caterogies!